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National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona

National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona


In 1976, the state of Arizona established this veteran cemetery that sits on 225 acres at the northern edge of Phoenix. Dedicated in 1978, the first burial was on March 19, 1979. The cemetery was officially transferred to the Veteran’s Administration (VA) on April 1, 1989.


My oldest son and I visited this cemetery on a trip to Arizona in 2006 after starting up a conversation with two of the groundskeepers waiting for the same connecting flight in O'Hare. We were not sorry we visited. The place is is serenely beautiful and sacred. I took a lot of pictures (including the one posted on my homepage) and may upload some more soon.


There is no official tour per se, but you will find the aforementioned groundskeepers and other staff to be friendly. The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.


23029 North Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(480) 513-3600